5 Ways you may be killing your business by blogging

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the old saying, “(insert name), ya gotta have a blog!”

Eventually you hear it enough and go through the steps of setting up a blog. You spend HOURS everyday promoting it.

No one is visiting. Those that do come are clicking off within a few moments of arriving.

What’s wrong? Where are all the eager buyers?

1. Your Blog name….if your blog name is Melaleuca Maven or Avon Angel (not to pick on Melaleuca or Avon, those names just popped into my head!) you have turned away the majority of your visitors.

The name of your blog screams:

Sales! Buy from me!

2. All you have is product from your company featured for sale, or a coupon for products….

Again your blog screams:

Sales! Buy from me!

3. You have a picture of one of your products or some other avatar rather than your real picture

People want to buy from people…….show us your face!

4. No About Me page….

People want to buy from people…….are you real?

5. You don’t network- you hope people will find you through your blog!


Find out how to make your blog visitor friendly, make friends and increase sales.

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