7 Feng Shui tips for a Better Work Environment

I have been talking a bit recently about redecorating my office and implementing some feng shui.

In my continued quest for serenity and inspiration while in my office, I have continued to get my Feng shui game on….

Here are ideas to help you get yours on, too!

1. Clutter Get rid of it! Clutter drains your energy and brings you down.

2. Air- Fresh is best- so open those windows on nice days! Let the energy flow in!

3. Light- The best light is natural daylight.  Place your desk close to a window but not directly in front of it.  You want to prevent glare, which causes eyestrain.  Replace fluorescent lights with warm lights that don’t cast a glare.

4. Get some fresh energy! Have some fresh flowers or fruit on display.

5 . Get a money tree or jade plant- Best if placed in the SE corner of the room or desk
My real money tree

I got this from Walmart for around $10.00. I think the only people getting rich from money trees are the one’s selling them

The money tree is actually two trees intertwined together.

It represents wealth, good luck and prosperity..

The five leaves stemming from each branch represent the earth, water, wood, metal and fire elements.

A money tree helps create harmony in a space.
It is supposed to stimulate a flow of money….
6.  Play some beautiful music-  Play some soothing music in the background to create a calming atmosphere.

7. Color- Add a red or purple focal point in your office and on your desk . Um…my whole office is a purple focal point!
My latest aquisition, my “fake” bonsai is on the right

An added note:

I seem to have a thing for trees lately. The one on the left was supposed to be for my mother for Christmas…it’s kind of different. Unfortunately for my mother, I fell in love with it. The one next to it was made by my step-sons girl friend.  It is a small tree made of wire with snowmen made out of white stones. I happen to collect snowmen….

Next to that is a [fake] money tree given to me at my wedding to my ex.  For some reason, I still have it. It is white with little bells.  I think you are supposed to shake it if you want money.

And the “fake” bonsai was also made by my step-son’s girlfriend. She is making different designs and will be selling them soon. If interested, let me know and I can hook you up.

Until next time…..may you have only prosperity in your business.

Almost sounds like an ancient Chinese proverb, huh?

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