A Good Cry a Day….

Helps keep stress away?

Maybe….at least it get’s all the gunk out that has been holding us back.

Think about it.

Haven’t have you ever been so hurt, mad, upset, or grieving that you just cried?

Or been so joyful you started to cry?

Or cry “just because”…(ladies I’m sure you’re with me here)

Don’t you usually feel better afterward? Maybe a little tired, but less stressed?

One thing that is guaranteed to make me cry is the song Stronger by Mandisa.

It’s a spiritual song that I heard for the first time several weeks ago.

It makes me cry every time I hear it, I really don’t know why.

And based on the comments after the You tube video’s, many people are moved by the song.  One person was going to commit suicide when suddenly that song came on. She changed her mind.

I have personally shared it with two people that are in some tough situations in their lives.

This morning my daughter was telling me about a song that makes her cry, so I shared Stronger with her.  I told her I always cry when it’s on.

She shooed me out of the office. I went into the living room to fold some clothes, but I could hear it.

I did ok at first, then I started crying.


But you know, I felt so good afterwards.

So I thought….maybe I should institute crying into my daily routine.

Happy Crying that is…….

Here is the video….please share if you liked it or not.

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