A week of blog- hopping fun!

These people, The Blogging Buddies, are having a blog hop- for a whole week!

I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m the creator of The Blogging Buddies Social Network.

I’ve been blogging a while and I know how frustrating it can be trying to get people to check out your blog.

I created the Blogging Buddies to do just that-get the people there.

The Blogging Buddies are different than your standard networking site.

We have the normal profile pages and groups, but we also have the option of being placed in a dedicated group.

Each group has up to 10 bloggers who are dedicated to visiting each others blogs and leaving a comment.

Blogging Buddies also have the option of guest blogging on our “old blog” over here.

Benefits of becoming a member of the site:

* More exposure for your blog

* Be a featured member

* You MIGHT be a guest on my radio show

* Guest post on our blogs (on the site and one off-site!)

*Contests and give-away’s

* Great advertising opportunities

So if you have a blog, become a member and join in the blog hop!

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