An email from the owner? I was blown away!

Earlier I was trying to get onto my blogs and they weren’t working!  I tried to get into them a few times and then took action. Instead of going into a total panic, I Googled, “Problems with hostgator”.

There were a few search results. One happened to be a blog post by someone ( a few months back) who said they were having some issues with something on their site. They wondered if anyone else was.

I was scrolling through the comments to see if any were recent.

They were all older comments, but one caught my eye.

It was from a fellow named Brent. He said he was the owner of Hostgator and if the woman continued to have problems to please email him directly.

Which I did

Exactly 2 hours and 2 minutes later, he responded, asking for my ticket number.

He would look into it.

I checked and my blogs were working now- not sure what was up with that.

So I emailed Brent back and let him know everything worked now, and admitted that I never had a ticket.

I also let him now how great it was that someone in his position would take the time to reach out to his customers like that.

Chalk another one up for Hostgator!

I know I praise them all the time-  believe me I messed up more than a few things when I first got self-hosted and started using

I haven’t stumped Customer Service yet- they have always gotten me out of my jams. Poor people!

And I love their affiliate program.

I hope they keep up the good work, because I REALLY hate change.

I was so resistant to changing to self-hosting but after being prodded by my buddies Mitch and Anita, I took the plunge.

Come to find out the move was pretty painless, and when I broke something Customer Service was there to help.

And, with all of the panic with Blogger last week, I’m glad I made the move!

Anyway, when I think someone needs their horn tooted, I toot it!

So here’s to Brent and Hostgator….Toot-Toot!

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