An update to bad customer service

If you saw my last post, I was talking about bad customer service – namely at a large nationwide retailer.

At the end of the post I admitted things were getting a bit better there.

I am here to retract that statement…….

The other day we stopped there to get my daughter a bike for her birthday.  She had seen it a few weeks ago and loved it.

Of course, it was gone!

I told her not to lose hope- we’ll find an employee and see if they had any in stock.

There was NO ONE around!

I decided to go to where they mix paint as there’s usually someone there.

There was- 2 guys that said they had been waiting 20 minutes! They had been told someone was on the way, but they were still holding their hands on their hineys 20 minutes later!

After about 10-15 minutes of waiting, I told my daughter to pick out a different bike or she’ll have to wait.

She picked out a different bike.

All I can say is this particular store came to town and put 3 mom and pop’s out of business!

Their customer service sucks, their meat sucks and no one wants to shop there anymore.

But where do they all go now?

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