Are visions of adoring followers dancing in your head?

  • Remember when you started blogging?
  • Did you imagine your words of wisdom being quoted around the web?
  • Did visions of adoring followers dance through your head?

You thought they would all follow- NOT!

If you blog for income, were you under the illusion that you could make a cool $5,000/mo working ONLY 15 minutes a day?

You probably thought that it would be pretty easy to throw up a post every day- liberally laced with links to great products …

…thought your following would surely order tons of stuff, right?

How am I doing? Is that what you thought?

How did that work out for you? Probably not too well…

Most likely you have figured out that it takes A LOT of work, often boring and tedious work, to get your blog (and you!) noticed in the vast sea of blogs.

Here are 5 ways to get your blog out there and get it noticed

1. If you haven’t done it yet, get a Twitter and Facebook account.

I know some people resist this, but it’s what’s hot right now!

Take the initiative and learn some ways you can use these tools to promote your blog.

You can start by joining me:

2. Join some (other) social networking sites

Blogging Buddies, and are site’s where you can fill out a profile and add your blog links.

Be sure you fill out your profile page. Visitors are not going to look through every group trying to find the link to your blog.

On Blogging Buddies, you cannot be a featured member if you don’t have your picture and a blog link on your profile page.

Pick 2 or 3 communities and become a regular! Network with others!

3. Put your blog link on business cards, especially if you are blogging for income!

Right now, VistaPrint has 250 cards for FREE!

4. Your email signature…

Most emails let you set up a signature, or you can use a program like wise stamp…here’s mine….

Carolee Sperry

My profiles:

Latest tweet: It was a beautiful day in Central New York, so I set up office on the porch. I sat down to work and swear I just heard raindrops!
Follow @bloggingbizmom Reply Retweet 14:24 May-25
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There are normally not spaces between my name and, and there is usually a box around the “tweet” but when I copied and posted, they were a bit different.
Notice, you need a Twitter account to use wise stamp!

5. You can’t avoid it- you have to visit other blogs and leave a comment!

To find blogs in your niche, go to and do a search. On the left side of the Page results screen, you will see “blogs”. Click that to see blogs in that particular niche.

With Blogger blogs, I sign in with my twitter and link to my blog within the comment.

Most blogs can accept html within a comment.

For example:

Yadda, yadda, yadda (that’s my comment)


Working at home advice

Use this format, replacing my blog link with yours, and putting your blog name before the

These are JUST 5 ways to get your blog noticed….what are some other ways you can think of?

Still need some help?

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