Commission Junction sports a new look

If you’ve dabbled at all in affiliate marketing, you’ve probably run across Commission Junction. Commission Junction is one of several affiliate marketing opportunities out there.

Affiliate Marketing can be used in conjunction with other money – making ventures. In other words, one “stream” of income amongst several streams of income.

I have been using them for about a year, occasionally linking to a product or service, making sales, and creating a small income. Add that to other affiliates, coaching and selling advertising space, and it all sort of works for me.

Your “money-stream” activities may be quite different, but you definitely want to add some affiliate marketing.

You can use it with any website or blog.

What I like about Commission Junction (besides their cool new look)  is that there are literally hundreds of companies that partner with them to bring affiliate opportunities to the publishers (web and blog authors).

You can register several blogs on the same account, and add links to any of them.

It saves a lot of time you might otherwise be wasting going business to business looking for affiliate programs.

There are many well- known companies and a lot of good deals …

How about Angie’s list:

They have a 110% commission rate!

Botanic Choice

A lot of people take Vitamins- check out this 75% off sale. Put THAT button your blog and watch the change trickle in.


Do you know homeschoolers?
Discount School Supply

Get your child hooked on the social network for learning – Study online with Grockit. Enroll in a Free Trial Today.

Save $61 on World Book’s most popular reference package.

One of my favorites… about free, free, free!



Vistaprint often has *freebie* offers going on….Free business cards, postcards, door magnets,T-shirts, hats, etc…

The best thing is, you can design your own!

If you haven’t done so yet, go to Commission Junction and check out all the great companies they partner with.

Or, click any of the banners or links above to be taken straight to the companies website and see their products.

If you need help getting started in Affiliate Marketing, feel free to request a free 1/2 hour coaching session at: Blogging Biz Mom

For more Affiliate Marketing opportunities, check this out….

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