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Web is a medium of communication and the objective of web designer is to communicate to audience. A theme is part of the website that determines the look and style of the website. It also determines the font to be used and the color scheme. There are umpteen number of themes available for web developers to build their websites.Don’t miss out this month elegant themes discount

Irrespective of the category a website falls, the most definite common objectives across the categories such as blog writing, food, shopping etc. is to keep the website attractive yet simple, communicating yet not flooding with information and ultimately stand out among the crowd of other websites. Divi theme developed by Elegant Themes certainly meets the above criteria.


This Divi Review tries to make the users understand and equip them with all its features and benefits associated with the features. So, let’s quickly take a deep dive into the features that Divi has to offer. The best and the coolest feature that any developer will fall in love with is the new visual interface that Divi is providing. The front end editor lets the developer make changes on the website.

It is as simple as typing some text in MS Word, adding some pictures and adjusting the size of the font when you want to adjust. There is absolutely no need to make changes in the backend, preview the changes and then come back to backend to make few more changes. It is easy to get working on the website with this feature. Not to mention the good amount of developer’s time it saves.

The developers of the Divi theme also made saving changes instant. So, whatever changes we make on the site, Divi makes the changes instantly which is ridiculously faster than the other themes we have used. This again helps the developer save his time while making changes. The developers of Divi also made changes to the content addition functionality. Adding content is no more a painstaking process but it is cool and interesting.\

A simple hovering over the desired area and clicking the “+” button will list out Divi’s 40+ content elements. What’s more? The job of adding content is made even easier by making the Divi’s content tool tip always available. This drastically reduces the amount of time a developer needs to build the site.

The review would be incomplete if there is no mention of content mix and match option. Divi comes with a content module that can be customized based on the developers need. This proves that the theme has been designed to suit all needs. Be it pricing table, Audio and text, everything is made available. This eliminates the need to do coding in order to build something that meets the developer’s requirement.

This is a great boon for developers who are creative yet not good at coding as they can simply put their creative skill to use and build the website. The developers of Divi theme have left no leaf unturned which is proved by the way the drag and drop functionality has been revisited. Dragging and dropping is interesting to handle in Divi as the “zoom out” feature gives a quick overhead view of the design so that the developer can drag the items and drop them at the desired location.

Now that we have seen some of the interesting features of Divi and how those can benefit web developers, let’s quickly review the Pros and Cons if any with Divi.


1) Extremely time saving while designing web

2) Very easy to design the web as the theme is very intuitive. Hence, no preparation required to understand the them and start using it

3) Web designing is no more tedious, it is interesting with all the cool features in Divi

4) Elegant themes offer discount code,so,you can get up to 20% off if you buy elegant themes package using discount link


1) The instant saving option that is available in Divi may not suit some developers as they are getting used to previewing the site before publishing the changes

Verdict:The list of new and innovative features is quite evident in every aspect of web designing with Divi. It truly stands out from the crowd.

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