Hostgator Cyber Monday Sale 2017 → Up To 75% OFF + Bonus

Whether you have a blog or have considered starting a blog, you have probably heard of self-hosting. You may have wondered if your blog should be self hosted and what it all means . Are there costs associated with it? If so, how much?

The good news is, it doesn’t cost much at all…..and if you set up an account with Hostgator on Cyber Monday, you can save 50%.  Whether you sign up for a month or 2 years it is 50% off. Price reduced at check-out.

This is exciting news for someone who has been “on the fence” about whether to self-host or not. Check out the different options available and see if one of them is for you.


Here are a few reasons why self-hosting may be an option for you:

1. Blogger frowns upon money making activities on their free site. I have heard of at least three people (just from blogs I read) whose blogs were totally gone one day, or they were no longer indexed in the search engines…scary after working so hard to create the blogs….

2. Total control of your blogs!

3. Many hosting companies provide you with Unlimited Email accounts

4. You can get unlimited blogs and pages

5. SEO- WordPress blogs are search engine friendly

6. You can add forums, paypal buttons and more on your blog

7. Get approved for product reviews and affiliate programs easier

8. You can sell your blog if desired

If you already have a blog on, at the push of a button, you can transfer your blog to a (self-hosted) blog.

To see the differences between Blogger v.s. WordPress and self-hosted v.s. a free blog AND  how to start a self-hosted blog, go HERE.

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