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Who is Carolee Sperry?

Hi my name is Carolee Sperry a.k.a.  Blogging Mom. I am a work at home mom/step-mom to 6 (mostly grown) children and I have one grandson.

I guess my story begins in the attic …..

No I wasn’t imprisoned in the attic by evil parents….

Actually, I wanted to be in the attic.

My parents both worked and during the summer my sister babysat my cousins, who lived on the road behind us (our back yards connected)

My brother and I were on our own to a point….my sister could walk through the backyard and check on us at any time. But she rarely did.

We had what is commonly referred to as a crawl space attic in our home. It was at the end of our hallway and you needed a ladder to access it.

Being a nosy kid, I had to check out the attic! Since I was smaller, I could stand up in the middle of it.

I thought it was pretty cool up there. It was a great hide-a-way- I loved it!

I made a small desk out of an old piece of wood placed across two boxes.

I decked out my space with an old typewriter and some paper. A few posters brightened the place up.

My first home office and the start of my entrepreneurial spirit!

I really don’t remember how many times I visited the office. I know I attempted to write stories up there. I was on a Trixie Belden kick and wanted to write mysteries.

That was a long, long time ago….

Flash forward…..

Since those early days I have worked several “J-O-B ‘s”, but I have always tried to find a way to be home with my children.

I ran a licensed Home Daycare for children for about 10 years. Those were really fun years, and my kids always had friends around.

My first love is writing (remember the attic) – I have been published several times in the Syracuse Family Times magazine.

I also teach Journal Writing classes at night at BOCES in Liverpool, NY

Through the years I have been involved in several MLM opportunities.

While exploring different online marketing techniques, I fell in love with blogging!

I found out I could make just as much income through my blogs with half as much effort and twice as much fun.

Back to the writing thing…

But what if you aren’t a writer?

That’s ok! There are ways around this.

Pictures, videos, vlogging, podcasting, radio shows, guest writers…the possibilities are endless and the great news is, everyone is unique and does things a little bit different.

I have worked hard learning everything I can about blogging and social networking and am ready and willing to help YOU create your online presence TODAY!

I continue to learn things on a daily basis as there are always new tools or gadgets to learn about and test drive!

That’s what keeps blogging so fun!


What’s stopping you from generating an income online?

Don’t know where to start? Scared? Need a helping hand?

I would be delighted to assist you on your blogging journey!

I’ve been through the “blogging ranks” and I can help reduce the learning curve for you!

There is a process to earning money online. If you miss one step, it can set you back two……..

So, let’s get started!

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