What is S2Member?

Are you searching for the most effective WordPress plugin available in the market today? If you are just a starter on WordPress, searching for these plugins is not always easy. There are many plugins that are available in the market today, but none of them can deliver excellent results than the s2member plugin. But What is s2Member? This article will provide all the information about s2membership that you definitely need to know.

S2member is a plugin that is able to convert your own WordPress site into a membership site within a short period of time mainly one hour. This plugin has a quick guide that helps you to learn the basics of setting the membership site within the shortest time possible.It is that simple! The “quick guide” allows users to register, login, access the welcome page and other options pages that contain other issues of interest.

The membership site makes it possible for users to designate to other members based on their ranking on the site. For example, if your membership on the site is that of the silver level, then you cannot be able to access stuff meant for gold members and vice versa.

The plugin makes it possible for users to safeguard download links using its secure Url. Basically, users can make file downloads once it is placed by another member.If an intruder tries to download the file later, they are redirected to a page that is restricted on WordPress.


The s2member software has many features that make it more user-friendly than the other plugins in the market. Basically, everything is possible while using this software.The software has excellent features as they are discussed below;


The software provides the “Buy Now”items that can be added to any member despite his level, This allows users to release products that are not according to the current membership plans.

Another important feature about this software is that it is able to sell certain posts or packages, completely away from the membership.For instance, users can create pages, add a link and give directions for the duration that the page link will work for the user.

When a client buys he is directed straight to the secured content, as well as the email that contains that link.So users are not even required to login in the first place.There are many questions about what is s2member? That many readers are eager to now.But this article has all you need to know about being an s2member.

Unlimited memberships

Depending on the membership levels, the software offers unlimited paid up membership .It also offers free membership through supporting open registration of new members.


This another great feature that makes it easy for users to register pages and customize their login information.Users can easily design their welcome pages the way they wish without complications.


The software allows users to come up with short codes for any pricing that you can think of. Users can also be able to come up with coupon codes and specify if you want the user to come up with their password and user-names respectively.

If you are intending to set a website using the WordPress multisite, then s2member will turn your dream site into a reality. this article has clearly answered the question what is s2member? That readers wanted to know!

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